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Reduced by Nothing;
Standing for Something ...

How would you feel if the beautiful jacket you bought at the start of the season was reduced in price a few weeks later? We know the answer so we don’t do that.

We prefer to work differently.

When we design our collections, we have the freedom to start with the product, not the price. We begin with the fabric – we work with the finest mills and factories – then the pattern for each item is cut by hand in our design studio in London.

We are uncompromising when it comes to style.

This approach allows us to give our products a true value. When we price a jacket, you can be confident that it will remain at that price all season.

What we will do is tell you when our sales start. We have two sales per year at the end of each season and they are fantastic. The next begins online at 6pm on December 24 and in stores on Boxing Day. Just don’t bank on finding that beautiful jacket; best sellers do sell out.

Unsurprisingly, we won’t be taking part in Black Friday. Our products are reduced by nothing because they stand for something. We do have black in our collection; that’s as far as we will go.