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When it comes to winter, there’s nothing more satisfying than wrapping yourself in cashmere. We’ve taken this season’s softest yarn to create four new pieces of knitwear inspired by the legendary style of four actors. And this is how the Icon Project began: a challenge to four artists to create their own interpretation of our collection…


The Katharine Hepburn

interpreted by Ernesto Artillo

Artist Ernesto Artillo is best known for his intricate collages. His work has been featured in fashion magazines such as Another and Harper's Bazaar. For his Katharine Hepburn interpretation, Ernesto was inspired by the transgender film The Danish Girl, starring Eddie Redmayne.

'Katharine was such an inspiring woman and her powerful personality went beyond the screen. Nowadays the attitude to keep on fighting for sexual equality is stronger than ever.'

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The Edie Sedgwick

interpreted by Jessica May Underwood

A graduate from Central St Martins, Jessica May Underwood is a pencil, watercolor and print artist specializing in the worlds of fashion, editorial and publishing.

''Iconic people sit with different electricity, exciting the air around them, inviting the capturing of all that they do. I could scrawl the movement and times of Edie Sedgwick all day long.'

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The Grace Kelly

interpreted by Chris McClean

Chris McClean is a film director. His first short film, Uncommon Ideals, told the tale of North Sea surfers and, after going viral, led to Channel 4 commissioning him to create a sequel.

‘For Dear Grace I used short impressionistic scenes and focused on one moment that could give an insight into parts of a princess's character. I’m drawn to the darker side of characters, and with Grace it was no different.’

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interpreted by Melissa Eakin

Melissa Eakin is a fine artist and clothing designer. She was born in Denver, Colorado and studied fashion design in San Francisco. Driven by deconstructing ideas regarding female sexuality, she represents the female figure with rich textures and bold colors.

‘Marilyn Monroe's physical attributes have been so iconized that even expressed in the most abstracted way, one associates those simple shapes with her.’

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